Glocal: ‘think globally, act locally’.

Glocal is focused on social issues and works against poverty, hunger, malnutrition, unequal access to education, as well as pays attention in its actions to a structural inequality and conflict’s prevention.
We aim to reinforce community involvement in locally significant matters, that not only has a profound impact on improving a quality of life, but also on social development and global fairness.

Act with us to make a difference.
Just Glocal it!

Our mission is to initiate the action and to indicate a direction of social changes, especially by enhancing women’s role in deprived areas. Along with necessary humanitarian and developmental help, we concentrate on providing (tools like) support and knowledge to empower women on their way to the better future.

– for people at risk of poverty and social exclusion
– for developmental and humanitarian help
– educational and promoting positive civic attitudes.